Documentary Family Photography

What the heck?

Documentary Family Photography

What the heck?


Documentary Family Photography is your real life, captured beautifully, so that you can remember this time in your life and preserve the memories to show to your children and their children in years to come. During documentary sessions there is no posing or forcing anything to happen. It is you and your loved ones hanging out, having a lazy breakfast, playing in the garden or reading stories or whatever feels that tells the story of you.

I follow your day, we hang out as a friend, share stories about our kids and how our life has changed since we stepped into parenthood. Just do what it feels good, without caring about being perfect and living your life as you live it. Forget about the mess and the uncleaned windows! It’s the time to connect, love and have fun together!

I’m here to capture all these moments for you.



Family Adventure Shoot

60-90 minutes outdoor family session

Starts from €299


Day in the Life/ Part Day

4-5 hour inhome session

Starts from €399


A Day in the Life

A day in the life of your family, from the moment your day starts until the kids are asleep

Starts from €799



We are just not interesting enough for this type of session. Our life is too boring. I’m afraid our pictures will look boring.

First of all as a mother of four boys I know that life with kids are NEVER boring. Even tough when you follow the same routines day after day, it becomes hard to see the beauty that surrounds you. What might seem boring to you is full of potential moments for me. Just let me capture it, while you are just being you.

Our home is a mess, ugly, too small…

Blah, blah, blah. First of all the pictures I take are not for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but only for you. Documentary photography captures you just the way you are at this particular time of life. There’s no need for a home straight out of Pinterest. We’re talking about real life here: dirty dishes, toys strewn across the floor, piles of clothes on the couch etc. It’s best to do what you need to in order to feel comfortable. If you want to clean up, go ahead, but no stress if you don’t want to!

I hate being photographed. Can you deal with this?

Smiling at the camera and posing can be very tiring and it may look awkward. The good news is that all I ask is just to be you. Do what you normally do as a parent, as a child as a family and I promise you’ll forget about my camera.

What should we wear?

Well that is another question you do not need to worry about. Just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and you'd normally wear. I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera. If you have kids, you'll quickly find that if you try to get them to wear that "special outfit" they will rebel. We are going to document your real life, and you and your children should wear what you love.

How should we prepare for the session?

I’m there to capture how your life is at this very moment, which means no need for cleaning or dressing up. There are so many important aspects of your kid’s childhood that will show in the pictures if you let things just be. If rows of unwashed baby bottles or piles of toys across the floors are a part of your life right now, let me capture it!

My husband doesn’t like to be photographed.

I have a good news for you. During documentary sessions you won’t get any direction from me, so he just needs to be as he usually is. He doesn’t have to play the perfect Dad role either. If he is too shy, I recommend planning some activities he likes to do alone with the kids around or with his children and I’m sure he will quickly forget about my camera.

What if my kids won’t behave?

If your kids are being themselves, just like they would be if I wasn't there, then the session is going perfectly! Children are beautifully naive. They express themselves in many different ways, all of which are worth documenting. Please don't feel the need to bribe them to smile. When they are having fun or see something funny, they'll smile all on their own. Many times, I encounter temper tantrums, and I shoot those moments too. This is real life, and real life has it's ups and downs!

Can we have some traditional family portraits?

Traditional portraits, where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera are something that most grandparents ask for! I will make pictures of your whole family together during our day, however, if you would like 1 or 2 traditional portraits, just let me know ahead of time and we can spend about 10 minutes on this!

Do the images come in black and white or color?

There will be a mix of both black and white and color. The editing, toning, and decisions of which images are presented in black & white or color is part of my artistic process.

Do you blog/publish pictures from all sessions?

I blog photos from most sessions, and usually some of the photos make their way into my portfolio and social media. However, I do honor requests to keep specific types of pictures private. These could be particular birth moments, breastfeeding pictures, or butt-naked photos of older kids for example. Sometimes these make for the most interesting pictures, though! I would never use them in a way that I think would be harmful for the family.

What sessions do you offer?

I offer half and full Day in the Life sessions, but I’m also experienced in photographing life events such as birthdays, baptism, newborn or maternity sessions. Above all I offer Vacation sessions too.

Are you willing to travel?

Definitely. I love to travel and meet new families from all over the place. I’ll travel anywhere in Europe with an additional travel fee and lodging provided. Contact me for more information.

I still have questions.

If you still have questions please contact me and I will be happy to answer them for you! Maybe I'll even add them to this list!

Grace Halla // Vienna

"Sara gave me the exact photos I wanted... and more! When I saw the photos, I had the urge to book her again... and hoping she was based in Vienna! This was our first experience with family documentary and maybe this is the type that we will stay with from now on :) Sara caught so many unique and interesting moments and all that was from half day of “whatever goes”... we wore, looked, behaved however we wanted and Sara captured not only the images but also the inner feelings... like I said, I am ready to book her again!!"

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